Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is a true wildlife paradise and one of the best national parks in Southern Africa. Just one peek at the variety of wildlife and lush vegetation and you will be mesmerized forever!

The gateway to Chobe is Kasane, a small town near the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. Kasane accommodation offers hotels, tented camps and luxury lodge accommodation.
Guests can transfer from Kasane to their respective accommodation in and around Chobe National Park. Accommodation in the park include wild unfenced camping, eco-lodges, tented camps and luxury lodges.

Chobe National Park is extremely lush for an African reserve, because of the many waterways. The Chobe River flows through the park and quenches the thirst of many animals and birds during the dry season.

Boat cruises and game drives along the river are very popular. The natural environment of the park allows for excellent photographic experiences.

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Chobe National Park is blessed with an amazing abundance of wildlife. Chobe is particularly feted for its unparalleled Kalahari elephant population (there are around 120,000 elephants in the park), which are often found in herds of more than a hundred. Buffalo can be easily found in equally large herds, while the river is home to a great number of hippos. Sticking with the bigger mammals, there are plenty of giraffe around too.

Chobe is also famous for its considerable lion population, and the lion’s age-old archenemy the spotted hyena is found throughout the park as well. Leopard are often found in the forested riverine areas, and cheetah and the endangered African wild dog in the more open grassland areas around Savuti.

Chobe is home to a few species of rare semi-aquatic antelope: puku, red lechwe and sitatunga. A total of 19 species of antelope can be found throughout the park, as well  as large numbers of Burchell’s zebra.

There are a number of smaller mammals about too, including warthog, baboons, cheeky vervet monkeys, honey badgers, mongooses, jackals and even the rare pangolin to name but a few.

Of the reptiles in Chobe, crocodiles are surely the most evident, whilst there is also a good chance you’ll see large water monitor lizards around too.


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