Standard Sunset Cruise and Boma Dinner


Treat yourself with a evening worth to remember,an evening of non-stop entertainment as you begin by a Sunset cruise on the Zambezi River and followed by an unforgettable fusion of mouth watering local cuisine, the Boma Dinner.


  • Begin your evening with an exciting sunset cruise on the Zambezi.
  • Have a magical experience as you witness the setting of the sun on the Zambezi.
  • Rejuvenate your night with an African traditional theme.
  • Enjoy the traditional meals well prepared to suit the evening.
  • Ideal romantic night out.
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off guaranteed.

What to Expect

  • The sunset cruise will begin from a pickup point and cruise smoothly in the Zambezi, view the evening site of the falls.
  • The boat will continue to cruise upstream to allow you to relaxingly view the magnificent setting of the sun and it will then smoothly cruise towards the location for the Boma dinner.
  • Upon arrival you will feel the sensation of Africa and you will be given a Doma dinner traditional outfit.
  • You will the go on to sit around the born-fire on a log and wait for the scrumptious traditional meal about to be served.
  • The Boma Menu consists of the traditional meals, smocked crocodile tail, peppered Impala and salads with a variety of breads.
  • Enjoy the Boma Dinner barbeque of grilled game meats of the your choice according to what choices provided that day.
  • Savour the Boma dinner whilst entertained by the African traditional music and dances, feel the African spirits on air.
  • End your day with us at the Boma dinner book with us and enjoy the ride.

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Standard Sunset Cruise and Boma Dinner.

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