Luxury Breakfast Cruise and Guided Tour of the Falls

Welcome you day with our breakfast cruise and tour of the falls.


Victoria Falls cruises offers the iconic Luxury Breakfast cruise an ultimate way to  begin a new day as you commemorate the Sunrise on the Zambezi. Liven up your morning with an A Class breakfast of kings on the Zambezi. Continue the exciting morning with a guided tour around the Falls, an ideal way of making your day joyful.


  • Experience the calmness of the river at dawn on our luxury breakfast cruise.
  • Watch the mist rise off the river as the new sun rays warm up the river.
  • Take pleasure in watching the morning bird activities in their habitats.
  • Choose from a wide range of breakfast cereals, fresh fruit and freshly made tea and coffee.
  • Explore the Falls on a guided tour.
  • Tour the rainforest an amazing forest in the Savannah.
  • Have a close range view of the falls and misty rainbows.
  • Hotel transfers included.

What to Expect

  • Start up your day with a luxurious cruise on the Zambezi.
  • The cruise will start from a pick-up point and it will cruise up-stream towards the falls.
  • Have a glance of the morning sight of the falls on water and enjoy witnessing the amazing sunrise while relaxing on the luxurious seats of the boat.
  • Choose from a wide range of cereals, fresh fruits and freshly brewed coffee and tea which are provided in the cruise.
  • After the cruise you will embark on a guided tour around the falls.
  • Witness the amusing sites in the rainforest and learn the biodiversity of the forest.
  • View the falls and the misty rainbows at a much closer range.
  • Book with us and have a perfect experience at Victoria Falls just the way you like it.

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Victoria Falls Matabeleland North Province ZW
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Luxury Breakfast Cruise and Guided Tour of the Falls.

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