Tandem Bridge Swing

Leave your fears as you dive into the Batoka Gorge.


Make your heart skip a bit with this thrilling and mind-blowing Tandem bridge Swing experience. Fly like a bird widely opening it’s wings as you enter into the wide open mouth of the Batoka Gorge.


  • Experience the insane but amazing Tandem Bridge Swing.
  • Enjoy flying like a bird as you fall into the gorge.
  • Leave your fears in the air as you fly.
  • Have a magnificent view of the gorge, river and life in it.
  • Safe guaranteed.

What to Expect

  • Say your short prayer as jump into the mouth of the Batoka gorge.
  • Feel the fast moving air as during the 80 metre free-fall until the rope is taut.
  • End your free-fall with a mighty swing over the Zambezi.
  • A pulley will then slowly pull you back to reality giving you time to appreciate the immense beauty of the gorge, the river and life within it.
  • Though the fall is a fast activity it’s also a long-lasting memory.
  • Make sure it’s on your things to do list.

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Victoria Falls Matabeleland North Province ZW
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Tandem Bridge Swing.

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